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Our Start


We purchased our first rental property in Pueblo, Colorado in 2013. Over the next two years we added 15 houses to the portfolio. We currently own 19 residential properties with more than 25 units.


Our Strategy


We often purchase the boarded-up properties that are a blight in the neighborhood. Few individuals or companies are willing to put the time, energy and money into these houses to make them an asset again. However, this is the core of how we create value and we love to do it. We  renovate the properties using local contractors and then turn them over to professional property management.


Our Story

Our Difference


We strive to offer rental homes to the community that are safe, clean and afforadable.


Beyond this we have commitment to investing in the community through our business. We are currently exploring ways to offer money management classes and scholarships to our tenants and their families.


We are a different kind of real estate company. We invite you to be part of our team as an investor, contractor or customer.



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